Other Books An ordinary modern man, on his day off, plans happily to mow the lawn but much to his surprise, finds himself instead engaged in a conversation with God—or is it rather that he is talking to himself—or perhaps his imagination is playing him tricks. Throughout the conversation he is never quite sure. Nevertheless, the dialogue ranges widely and humorously over many profound philosophical and religious ideas. The objective of this booklet is to combine chuckles with reflection on the intriguingly curious predicament of life in which each one of us finds himself or herself. The text is illustrated with more than eighty little sketches intended to enliven the dialogue, create pauses for the assimilation of ideas and sometimes, to make visual comment, puns or humorous surprises. To browse the paperback at Amazon UK - click here To browse the e-book at Amazon Kindle USA - click here To browse the paperback at Amazon USA - click here To browse the paperback on Wordery - click here To see the “Hey God!” TRAILER - click here To browse the e-book at Amazon Kindle UK - click here Jenno’s private look at gang members and life, in her village. As she says: “There ain’t no place loike moi ‘ome territ’ry in Widdlington. If’n yew got a territ’ry, yew c’n face up ter most fings, ‘cos ‘ome territ’ry is where the ‘eart is. ”Some people reckon as ‘ow gang territ’ries don’t exist. ‘S’obvious they ain’t never been ter Widdlin’ton. “Wisdom an’ wonder both start wiv the same letter, jus’ loike moi village o’ Widdlin’ton. It ain’t the Centre o’ the World even though it’s got moi ‘ouse in it an’ all. “Any’ow, Oi ‘ope yew loike wot Oi write about it.” To browse the e-book on Smashwords - click here