World War II as seen through the “Gang” series The "Gang" series of books tell an ongoing story of children’s gangs and budding love. When a boy from London finds himself homeless after the orphanage where he lived was bombed, he is bundled off to the countryside to live with his only relative, a pious spinster aunt. Her village would be a peaceful place to live— or so he imagined... These stories contain war-time action including air-raids and invasion scares, as well as feuds and contests with rival gangs. Although each book stands alone, a continuing story flows through them. The series has appeal for both adult and younger readers, and gives an intimate and nostalgic view of the drama of the early part of World War II. Humorous yet thought-provoking, this series explores the difficulties and rewards of forging relationships in traumatic times. Some reviews of the books in the “Gang” series may be read on the pages which follow The Gang Series