The books on this site are published in paper-back editions by: SilverWood Books Ltd 14 Small Street Bristol BS1 1DE England Tel: 01791052829 The books on this site are published by the author in illustrated e-book format as Editons La Forge 320 Chemin de Poizieux 01170 Crozet France They are available from Amazon Direct Kindle Publishing or USA The Author : Peter St. John The London-born author’s career began shortly after the Second World War, as a military pilot. He then became a Chartered Engineer working in aerospace research. This took him to Woomera in the Australian desert, to four years' residence in Paris and to the European Space Centre in French Guiana. He has also worked in a project management team for the Royal Australian Navy. When the Australian Senate restructured its committee system, the author was appointed Secretary to the Australian Senate Standing Committee on Science and the Environment. Eight years later, he was recruited to join the staff of the Australian Science and Technology Advisory Council reporting to the Prime Minister. During this time he became interested in the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, based in Geneva. The Union, established in 1889, works to foster peace through parliamentary action as well as to help strengthen parliamentary democracy throughout the world. The author was responsible, amongst many other activities, for managing the library and supervising the Union's regular publications. As a writer, he has prepared numerous technical papers and reports including a two-volume reference compendium on the parliaments of the world. He has also written eight novels. He now lives in France where, from retirement he has created a cultural association. He has a son, two grandsons, a great-grandson and a great-granddaughter. Reviews To read some reviews, click here