‘Is the hearse still in the garage of the Old Vicarage?’ ‘Where d'you think it's going without any wheels?’ replied Selena. It's up on bricks.’ ‘The wheels are there, hanging on the wall to protect the tyres. They could easily be put back on again.’ ‘Yeah, but in any case, there isn't any petrol because of the war.’ ‘Can we go inside the hearse?’ ‘It's not locked. You can sit in the driver's seat if you like.’ Molly's cart was up on the workbench. Everyone was clustered around it. ‘What's up?’ I asked. ‘Something wrong with your cart, Molly?’ ‘Lord no. Dummy did a great job when he made it. It's just that her name isn't right any more. I want to change it.’ ‘I've already painted out "GGG",’ said Roy. ‘The Go-Getter Girls don't exist any more.’ ‘It was a daft name anyway,’ said Dismal. ‘I knew Jenno's gang wouldn't last more'n five minutes.’ ‘Shut up Dismal,’ snapped Jenno. ‘Wot would yew know any'ow? Yew ain't never done nuffink but complain all yer life, let alone get up a gang.’ ‘Leave Jenno alone, Dismal,’ I said. ‘She's in our gang now, and I can tell you, the Mob doesn't like it much. So hold your complaining clapper.’ ‘Suppose we go up to the Layers tomorrow afternoon,’ proposed Roy. ‘We could play "Frenchies and Gerries" so bring a tennis ball. Bring your cart as well— maybe we can see if the racing's any good down the Mountain Glide.’ ‘Good idea,’ I said. ‘Not for me it isn't,’ said Katy. ‘You know my mother never lets me go to the Layers alone and I would so love to race a cart.’ ‘Tell her you'll not be alone— you'll be with us.’ Katy shook her head and sighed. ‘It's no good— that's what I tell her every time, but it doesn't work. She's always afraid that something terrible will happen.’