‘Okay, Brian,’ said Dismal. ‘So you reckon your Larkspur can run rings round Droopy. Now's your chance to prove it. Race you down.’ ‘Lightning can beat you all!’ I cried. ‘Some hope,’ said Roy. ‘My Sprinter's the fastest cart in the village. Line up ready to race. I'm going to toss a pebble into the air. When it touches ground it'll be the start signal. The corner of the first hut at the bottom will be the finish line. Are you ready?’ Roy threw the pebble up. When it touched the ground, we all pushed off furiously. I watched the group at the top of the lane getting ready for a new start. Jenno, Winnie and Molly had their heads together. I saw the racers draw straws. They then lined up with Molly at their left, then Itchy, Stinky, Winnie, Jenno, and Braces. Katy called: ‘Ready— steady— go!’ The field punted off. They were still neck and neck, in line abreast, at the point where the slope steepened. Just before the place where the nettles hung over the lane, I heard Jenno shout something to Winnifred. Braces turned his head. Jenno swerved sharply towards him. The nettles were there. He panicked and ran up the bank. Red Racer turned over. Braces rolled off. He quickly picked himself up and got back into the race, but he'd lost ten yards. The others swept on, line abreast. Stinky and Itchy were in the middle. Jenno remained well over on her right. There, she was well-placed for the bend by Taylor's workshop. At the junction with Lions Avenue, the slope became flatter. Everyone began to punt again. Molly and Winnie began to close in on either side of Stinky and Itchy. This hampered the boys’ punting. ‘Move over!’ yelled Stinky. To see Jenno’s blog, click here