Gang Rivalry It all happened because of my promise to Penny and what her mother had said about my aunt. I didn't want to be involved at first, but it's amazing what love will do. Not only that, but when you come right down to essentials, I honestly don't see how I could have stayed out of it. ‘I'm glad the village had just a single bonfire this year.’ said Mrs Garman. ‘It was the biggest I've ever seen and everyone was so friendly. I must say though, that your aunt seemed rather chilly.’ ‘That's only because you're Chapel and she's Church. I think that's silly. It makes no difference to me.’ ‘Or me,’ said Penny. ‘I hope it's no more than that,’ said Mrs Garman. ‘But I still feel bad about the Spitfire Drive money that was lost in the river. I can't help feeling that it’s my fault and people are blaming me.’ ‘Oh Mother, please stop feeling bad, nobody's blaming you.’ ‘If only I could believe it,’ sighed Mrs Garman. A barrel containing funds collected at a village fete to raise money to help buy a Spitfire aircraft, has fallen into the river. Rival gangs compete to recover it. Three of the gangs are composed of children, but a fourth is made up of ruthless adult gangsters. The hero of the previous two “Gang” books becomes involved because of his love for one of the village girls and a promise he has made to her. He lives with a pious spinster aunt, a strict church-goer, who disapproves of his chapel-going girlfriend. Wartime action with air-raids, rationing, and a shot-down German bomber add excitement to a fast- moving plot. Although a sequel to the previous “Gang” books, Gang Rivalry is a complete story in its own right. Extract: To browse the paperback at Amazon USA - click here To browse at Amazon Kindle UK - click here To see the “Rivalry” TRAILER - click here To browse the paperback on Wordery - click here To browse the paperback at Amazon UK - click here To browse at Amazon Kindle USA - click here