‘Yer aunt's gorn 'n done it again,’ said Jenno plaintively as soon as she saw me in the schoolyard on Thursday morning. ‘She's gorn n' 'ad anovver row wiv Mrs Jay.’ I groaned. ‘What about this time?’ ‘She said as 'ow it was all the fault of Mrs Jay and Mrs Garman that there was that shindy at the Spitfire Drive. She said as 'ow the money barrel would never 'ave tipped inter the river if'n them two 'adn't been so aggressive. ‘Then she goes an' insults moi ma fer no reason in the world and waltzes 'erself off back to Lions Avenue wiv 'er suitcase. An when I fink it were moi ma wot were so kind as ter put 'er up after 'er house 'ad been bombed. Well Oi ask yer— Some gratitude!’ ‘Oh Jenno I’m really sorry. I thought that after the Guy Fawkes bonfire, all that bad feeling between Pepper Mill Lane and Lions Avenue was finished with.’ ‘Yeah— me too. I 'spose we was just reckonin' wivvout yer aunt. Trouble is, JJ's sided wiv 'is muvver an' said we ain't ter fraternise no more wiv the Lions Avenue Lot. So I shouldn't be talkin' wiv yew now 'cept I don' always do wot JJ says.’ Jenno Bryce Stan “Braces” Bryce Golfball replaced Braces at the rope and he and Duke began turning. Snaylor came in the school gate and strolled towards us. Braces ran in and began jumping. ‘Hitler; Goering— ’ ‘Look at the sissy boys skipping,’ jeered Snaylor. Braces' attention wavered. The rope caught his legs and stopped. Braces bunched his fists. ‘Clear off, Snaylor,’ he shouted, ‘or you'll find out who's sissy.’ ‘Yeah, clear off,’ echoed everyone. Snaylor went. Since our fight last autumn, and the loss of his sneaky outsider, Creepy Crawley, his bullying authority had waned considerably. ‘It weren't fair!’ cried Braces. ‘Snaylor put me off. I wanna start again.’ ‘Yew've 'ad yer go,’ said Jenno. ‘Yer out.’ Jenno was making the most of her hold over her year-older brother. ‘Aw— let's give him another go,’ said Winnifred. ‘He won't get much further anyway,’ said Molly. Golfball and Duke restarted the rope and Braces ran in again. ‘Hitler; Goering; Goebbels— ’ The rope caught Braces' ankles. ‘Told you so!’ crowed Molly. ‘He's out.’ ‘You put me off,’ complained Braces. ‘Yew're out,’ said Jenno firmly. ‘Three points only. Who's next?’ To see Jenno’s blog, click here To see “Jenno’s Gangs”, click here