In the war-torn autumn of 1940, as Britain faces the imminent threat of invasion, a young lad, bombed out from an orphanage in London, arrives in the English village of Widdlington  to live with his pious spinster aunt. He hopes to find a peaceful haven, but instead becomes embroiled in conflict with local gangs of children, each with its territory, its leader and its traditional customs and taboos. There’s also the school bully, nicknamed “The Slug”. Sooner or later the newcomer must either fight “The Slug”  or submit to his tyranny. The young evacuee has already suffered from the air-raids in London. In Widdlington, He struggles to find acceptance, but his aunt is not the easiest person to live with. A sense of belonging may be within reach as he falls in love for the first time. Can this tender relationship survive gang turmoil and his aunt’s opposition? The war-torn world of 1940, although very different from that of today, had a profound influence on contemporary life. Part of the interest of this tale lies in the journey back to that world whose children are today’s great-grandparents. A further part is the fascinating, never-ending story of love and hate, of power and influence, of territorial conflict, of the sense of belonging. To browse at Amazon Kindle UK - click here I braced my belly against a leaden foreboding that couldn't be vomited out. I knew I would have to fight. All I wanted was to be left peacefully alone, but the world isn't like that. Each time I started at a new school, it was either fight or submit. But I was not the submitting kind. I looked around apprehensively. I knew no one and no one knew me. Not knowing what to do next, I sat on the low wall under the trees and watched what was going on. It was clear from the metal stumps on the wall, that it had once been crowned with iron railings. Like so many elsewhere, these had been cut off for scrap iron to make bullets and bombs. Several boys came by looking sideways at me without speaking. They didn't want to be seen with me until my status had been established. That depended in part on events and in part on the power and authority of someone not yet present My experience told me that the person not yet present was the one I would probably have to fight. So I sat, watched and waited. To browse the paperback at Amazon USA - click here To browse the paperback at Amazon UK - click here Gang Territory To browse at Amazon Kindle USA - click here “Gang Territory” was honoured with the award of the Book Readers Appreciation Medallion in July 2012 To browse the paperback on Wordery - click here To browse the paperback at The Book Depository - click here To see the “Gang Territory” TRAILER - click here Extract: