‘Let's get racing,’ I said. ‘Not so bloomin' fast,’ came a voice from where the path ended. Jenno lifted the back of her hand to her mouth. ‘Cripes!’ she exclaimed. ‘It's me bruvver.’ ‘Nobody 'ere ain't doin' no more racing wiv moi cart.’ He stalked over to Phoebe and snatched the red cart's reins out of her hand. He glared at Jenno. ‘It were only fer this afternoon,’ said Jenno. ‘Oi would've asked yew, only yew wasn't around.’ ‘Liar!’ exploded Braces. ‘Yew knew darned well Oi'd've said no. Ain't it enough yew gettin' chucked outta the Mob without takin' moi cart inter the bargain. 'Ow d'yew think that looks? Yew wanna get me chucked out as well?’ ‘It was fer the Go Getter Girls,’ said Jenno defensively. ‘Oi don't give a Gerry's fart if'n were fer Mussolini's grandmother. Yew don't touch moi cart without me sayin' so. Got it?’ Roy came in last, walking over the line with Sprinter under his arm. ‘She's completely busted,’ he said. ‘She'll have to be rebuilt. The spine's broken.’ ‘As long as it's not your spine,’ I said. Roy grinned. ‘What a race!’ exclaimed Bish. ‘Much more exciting than when I was a kid. Is there a lot of damage?’ he asked anxiously. ‘Nothing that can't be repaired,’ said Roy. ‘But Sprinter won't be racing again today. What about Lightning?’ ‘Lightning seems to be okay. What about your cart Molly?’ ‘I think she's okay too,’ said Molly. ‘But oh Lord, I thought for a moment there, I was going to run straight into Roy.’ ‘You did great Molly,’ said Roy. The bishop tut-tutted. ‘‘You shouldn't take the name of the Lord in vain, young lady.’ ‘I don't think she did,’ I said. ‘I rather fancy she was giving thanks.’ ‘My goodness, so she was. Thank you for correcting me.’ ‘What are we going to do for the next race with Sprinter out of the running?’ asked Brian. ‘How about using Reenie's cart "Brown Buzzer"?’ proposed Tommy. ‘I'm sure she wouldn't mind.’ ‘Great idea,’ approved Roy. He cupped his hands and called up the Glide: ‘Leta, my cart's busted. Could you run quickly and ask Mrs Brown if we can borrow Reenie's cart. Bring it back with you. Be as quick as you can.’ Leta waved and disappeared. I put the crippled Sprinter on Lightning and the eight riders began trudging up the Zigzag. Katy’s “Komet” Braces’ cart Reenie’s “Brown Buzzer” ‘That's a super new cart yew've got, Katy,’ said Jenno. ‘Yeah, thanks. We made her together; though Roy did most of it. She's better than my little old clunker don't you think? She was only good for carrying things. But my mother wouldn't let me race before, so what was the good?’ ‘Komet's a good noime.’ ‘It starts with my initials, K.O.— Kate O'Harne. Though I've never yet actually seen a real comet.’ ‘Me neither. Halley's Comet is due in 1986, but forty-five years is a long time to wait.’