‘We've painted Molly's cart green. She's put GGG on the sides,’ said Winnifred. ‘For "galloping green gophers"?’ I asked. ‘Stupid. You know very well. I've been teaching her how to race it. She's never raced before. That's why we were at the Iron Bridge yesterday.’ ‘That's why Jenno and I were there too.’ ‘Didn't look as though you were teaching her racing.’ ‘Well, I was. I'd just fallen off my cart at the gate, when you came along: so there!’ Molly peered over the edge of the Mountain Glide. ‘Oh Lord, but it's steep!’ she exclaimed. ‘Yeah,’ said Roy. ‘Come and sit down Molly, before you get giddy.’ He turned to look at the others in the group. ‘Who's leading the GGG team?’ ‘I am,’ said Jenno and Winnifred together. ‘Me,’ said Phoebe. ‘I'm the biggest.’ ‘You certainly are,’ said Brian. ‘Shut up you,’ said Phoebe. ‘Nobody asked your opinion.’ Brian blinked. ‘Hi Jenno. What's up then?’ ‘Oi can't come ter 'elp yer finish the cart. Yew'll 'ave ter do it on yer own. Will it be done fer termorrer?’ ‘It'll be done except for the paint. I don't have any. You'll have to do that yourself.’ ‘Ain't no problem. There's lots o' paint in our shed— brushes too. By the way, Oi don't want nobody a-knowin' it were yew wot 'elped me make 'er. Oi've got a noime fer 'er an' all.’’ ‘Good. What is it?’ ‘Oi'm goin' ter call 'er "Emmeline P".’ ‘Emmeline P? That's a funny name. Why Emmeline P?’ ‘Cripes, Oi allus said yew was slow, an' 'ere yew are a-provin' it one more time.’ I ignored her insult. I knew by now that it was her backhanded way of paying a compliment to a boy without losing her own self-respect. ‘Come on Jenno— no need to be so superior. Why Emmeline P?’ ‘Cos of Mrs Pankhurst o' course. 'Er what chained 'erself ter railings, went ter prison, starved 'erself an' all, jus' so's women could get ter vote in elections. 'Er noime were Emmeline. Can Oi keep 'er under yer shed fer now?’ ‘What—? Mrs Pankhurst?’ ‘Stupid git— She died afore we was born. Moi cart o' corse.’ Jenno’s “Emmeline P” Molly’s “GGG”